A holistic approach
to the future

At Eternis sustainability isn’t just another word; it’s a way of life. Whether its eco-friendly operations or good employee practices, our approach to sustainability is holistic and focuses not only on the well-being of the environment but also on meeting the long term interest of all our stakeholders.

Safety first.

At Eternis, we conduct regular occupational safety procedures to ensure absolute safety of our employees, plants and community around us. Some of our practices include regular safety audits to ensure safety practices are well entrenched, training programmes and safety awareness campaigns at the shop floor, Safety Week celebrations to encourage employee participation.

Thinking green.

We believe that a clean and healthy planet is a safe one for our future generations. To ensure that we maintain this belief in our functioning, we have taken crucial steps. Our integrated effluent management systems consisting of biological treatment plants, multi effect evaporators for treating high TDS streams and reverse osmosis plants for recycling treated effluents enable our plants to be Zero Liquid Discharge units. These efforts are supplemented by our constant R&D work in reducing waste generation, consumption of water in production processes and finding new ways of energy conservation

Shrinking carbon footprint.

For us, each day is an opportunity to do something positive for the planet. Our initiative to replace all our furnace oil boilers with biomass boiler is one effort in this direction. This will enable us move away from a fossil fuel to a more carbon-neutral bio-mass fuel made of short-term crop based agro-wastes. These boilers will be commissioned shortly. We are also exploring partners to provide power through renewable sources.

Sourcing sustainably.

We partner with people who share our beliefs in sustainability and constantly upgrade our practices with the highest standards in the industry. We interact with our vendors closely to ensure that quality, cost, delivery and service requirements are met consistently through regular dialogues and visits. We constantly track the drivers behind our raw materials and evaluate alternative processes/routes of raw materials from time to time to balance risks. We believe in a win-win relationship with our vendors that will provide an enduring supply chain.

Engaging employees.

Eternis is an equal opportunity employer. We embrace diversity and encourage individual strengths. We go beyond basic employee welfare and focus on engagement at all levels. Our HR policies and practices are constantly reviewed in order to achieve a high employee engagement, retention of talent and development of leaders for the future

Our society. Our responsibility.

We believe that our commitment to sustainability cannot be limited only to our company’s eco-system. To be truly successful it has to go beyond and work at the societal level too. Eternis focuses on engaging with the neighbourhood community on various social initiatives like building classrooms, providing computers and funding NGOs with strong outreach.

Policies and Certifications