the eternis edge

We listen to you, we plan for you,
we deliver value to you.

We strive for success in very simple ways. We listen, we anticipate and we deliver. Eternis has some of the brightest minds working tirelessly to ensure we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to staying competitive in the industry. Our strong customer focus and consistent delivery of value have enabled us to forge strong relationships with all the global F&F players. We serve our customers efficiently, reliably and innovatively. The results of all this? In the last decade, our business has grown rapidly.

We urge you to explore the diverse facets of our Edge.

Marketing Edge

Over the years, Eternis has gained product leadership through consistent delivering of value to customers through our scale and expanding portfolio of products. We listen to our customers constantly and provide customised solutions- be it of quality, logistics or services. We interact with our customers regularly and provide them with inputs relating to the developments in the supply chain behind their products. We have now strengthened our international marketing team to provide local contact points for speedy customer responsiveness.

Manufacturing Edge

Eternis derives its strength in manufacturing through its safe and sustainable operations, best manufacturing practices and economies of scale through product focus. This enables us to deliver value to the customers consistently. Our two plants are fully dedicated to aroma chemicals and located close to the ports to help us serve international fragrance houses effectively and efficiently. We urge you to explore our manufacturing approach, unit processes, manufacturing strengths and our product portfolio.

Our manufacturing approach

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• Focussed plants for high productivity.
• Lean Manufacturing practices
• Capacity enhancement by sweating assets.
• In house project engineering design and execution capabilities.
• Continuous Investment in Safety, Health and Environment to ensure Sustainability.

Our Unit Processes

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• Aldol Condensation
• Bromination & De-bromination
• Cyclizations
• Dehydrogenation
• Diels Alder Reaction
• Etherification
• Esterification
• Hydrogenation (Selective)
• Ester Hydrolysis
• Peroxide based reactions
• Condensation
• Dehydration
• Crystallization

Key Equipment

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• Gas-inducing Hydrogenators
• High pressure Hydrogenator
• High Vacuum Batch Distillations
• Continuous Distillation column
• Wipe film Evaporators
• Falling film Evaporators
• Glass Lined Reactors
• Helical Ribbon Reactor
• Continuous Hydrogen generation plant from Mahler
• Multiple effect evaporators
• RO
• Bio mass
• Automation control systems

The R&D Edge

Our belief in research is deeply ingrained in our culture. Our thrust here is to constantly deliver forward- thinking solutions. The vast experience and innovative minds of our in-house team of scientists is supplemented by the continuous valuable inputs from reputed scientists from various prestigious academic and research institutions. As a result all our products are cost effective and globally competitive.

Our R&D centre is located at Rabale, Navi Mumbai and is run by highly qualified PhDs, chemists and chemical engineers. This state-of-the-art facility has been recognized as an approved “In-House R&D centre” by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. We also encourage interaction with leading academic institutions for development of tomorrow’s technology. We urge you to explore our facilities and R&D approach.

Our R&D approach

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• Continuously improving the existing processes to reduce cost, reduce effluent and simplifying processes.
• Developing processes for new products in a dynamic market.
• Developing new technology platforms to fuel future growth of the company.
• Supporting marketing and manufacturing to deliver superior service to the customers.
• Development of SOP’s for consistent manufacturing.
• Continuous and consistent training of plant personnel.

Our R&D facilities

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• GCMS with EI as well as Chemical Ionization.
• Hastealloy autoclaves capable of handling reactions up to 200 bars and 250 C
• Facility to safely handle hazardous materials like Hydrofluoric acid, Boron Trifluoride Gas, Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Chlorine and bromine
• Number of Gas Chromatographs with Autosamplers
• IR and UV-visible spectrophotometers
• Flow reaction systems, including “Chip reactor” from Syrris, UK for Micro scale reactions
• Continuous dehydrogenation setup
• Facilities to conduct reactions from -40 to 300 C
• “Waters” make HPLCs

Our Sourcing Edge

We collaborate with suppliers from various countries across the world, who demonstrate reliability and high quality; work with us to drive competitive advantage and most importantly have sustainable, responsible and ethical practices. We also ensure that the profitability and growth aspirations of our suppliers synergise with our expectations.

In return, Eternis offers its suppliers strategic partnerships and large and consistent business. This provides economies of scale and growth potential to our suppliers and ensures that we get good quality products at competitive prices.

Our People Edge

The people at Eternis have a drive to succeed. Our constant endeavour is to inspire productivity and well-being by leading by example.
Join us.