Styrallyl Acetate
Chemical Name: 1- Phenyl Ethyl Acetate
Synonyms: alpha-Phenyl Ethyl Acetate OR Phenyl Methyl Carbinyl Acetate OR alpha-Methyl Benzyl Acetate OR Methyl Phenyl Carbinyl Acetate OR Gardenol
CAS No.: 93-92-5
EINECS/ELINCS No.: 202-288-5
Molecular Weight: 164.20
FEMA: 2684
FDA Reg: 172.515
COE No: 573
HS Code: 2915.39.90
Flash point: 95oC
Flavis No: 09.178
Odour: Green, Fruity, Floral, Fresh, Gardenia Musty
JECFA No: 801


Styrallyl Acetate has been detected in gardenia blossom. Styrallyl acetate has a dry, intense, green, floral odour reminiscent of gardenia. It is a key ingredient in gardenia, tuberose and other flowery perfumery compositions. Styrallyl acetate is also used in many other blossom compositions, in particular, dry top notes.