Cyclamen Aldehyde-Pure
Chemical Name: Cyclamen Aldehyde - Pure
Synonyms: 2-methyl-3-(p-isopropylphenyl)-propionaldehyde or cyclamenaldehyde - additional or Cyclamal or Cyclosal or p-isopropyl-α-methylhydrocinnamaldehyde
CAS No.: 103-95-7
EINECS/ELINCS No.: 203-161-7
Molecular Weight: 190
FEMA: 2743
COE No: 133


Cyclamen aldehyde is a very powerful, floral and green scent that is used in many perfumeries to mix fresh, floral, green or ozone/ocean odors. This is an increasingly versatile ingredient and it is important to help build materials that disappear from the perfume palette. In addition to extreme pH values, Cyclamen has a good overall stability. It has good toughness and materiality, and it has a very good value for money in the new creation.